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Fictive's unique approach to video mixing:

Tired of psychedelic spirals, itunes visualizers, endlessly repeating flash graphics, and store bought DVD's? What if all the things you and your organization cared about, everything you've been working for - could be what people were watching instead?

What if the visual and textual data cloud surrounding your work and life could be used to create the core visual content for your party or event? What if your organizations annual report suddenly underwent some strange alchemical transmutation or quantum entanglement and came out the other end of the worm hole as a live rock concert?

All the digital content you or your organization are already producing can be incorporated as channels in a live mix by Fictive. Digital stills, video, web graphics, print media, even text from emails can all be live mixed on the spot.

Taking pictures during the event? Have them projected on the big screen for all to see, with text or live video mixed and superimposed in conjunction. Is there an unexpected extra speech about to be delivered? Did a renowned DJ or musician show up out of the blue who's willing to do a quick set? Let us throw on logos or text acknowledgments live on screen. We can add anything for you at any time. You are totally free from the rigid constraints posed by pre-edited video.

With Fictive, we are making it Live. For every hour we perform we typically have dozens of hours of video and thousands of images standing at the ready like colors of paint on a palette. We create the visuals before your eyes. We go with the flow, follow the grove. Everything from sweet and mellow, to pulse pounding BPM, we're ready for you.

Have an event you are doing but no content? FIctive can generate it for you. Give us a theme and we will deliver custom content just for you.

Working with live performers on stage? Fictive excels at visuals in conjunction with live performance. We work with live video cameras all the time, and cut and dissolve across multiple inputs with ease.

Get thoughtful analysis of how to get your message across, award winning design expertise, and amazing club visuals all in one package. Fictive has not only worked with international DJs and Grammy Award nominated musicians, but also with New York Museums, art galleries, and not-for-profit organizations around the world, including from India, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Involved in a political campaign? If you are working toward a better world, we want to help. From local fund raisers in New York City to pre Barack Obama inauguration celebrations in Washington DC, Fictive delivers visuals that are powerful, nuanced, convey your message - and at the same time make you want to get up and dance.

Media created from the network of images and text which naturally surrounds you, implemented through club visuals. Freedom to go with the flow. Your Message and your Celebration united. Find out what fictive can do for you.

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